The Circle: Review

The Circle by Dave Eggers

My Rating: 5/5

Mae is hired by the newest, hippest tech company, The Circle, advertising itself as a global game changer. The environment is ripe for innovations in which internet services are merged for ease of data collection and monthly meetings with the world’s brightest minds produce solutions to child abductions, government lies, and open the farthest reaches of the planet to anyone who has an account with the utopian Circle. A world excruciatingly similar to our own is the world in which Dave Eggers challenges his reader with concepts of privacy, intimacy, and surveillance. Mae is at this precipice of what a naysayer relates to the calm before Hitler’s takeover. When the Circle threatens any possibility of privacy, in exchange for world peace, who will Mae side with?

This heart-stopping glimpse into a future that could be mere years away cultivates chills that no story has since Orwell’s 1984 or the brave new world of Aldous Huxley. Like the TV show “Black Mirror” the villains and the heroes are second players to the great rise of technological totalitarianism. This book had me writhing with anger and fear and opinions about technology as seemingly harmless as social media. A frightening, well-written and monstrous tale that will hopefully warn of a possible and preventable future, rather than proving to be an uncanny prediction.

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