The Perfect Stranger: Review

The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

Rating: 4/5

Leah Stevens is in desperate need of a fresh start after she is fired for writing a news story plagued with accusations of libel and something more insidious. Emmy, a quirky, impulsive friend from Leah’s past, encourages her to move to a small town in the middle of nowhere with her. Things are looking up as the two settle in until a woman is discovered, not far from the ladies’ home, brutally bludgeoned and, frighteningly, the mirror image of Leah. Emmy disappears and Leah is left to sort out where Emmy has gone, why this is happening, and whether any person involved is truly who they claim to be.

This is Megan Miranda’s second thriller and it is exponentially better than “All the Missing Girls”, which I also enjoyed greatly. Gripping, it was a mere hair ahead of the reader solving the mystery–an impressive feat requiring delicate narrative manipulation. Recommended vacation read.

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