The Winter People: Review

The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

My Rating: 3/5

A ghost story across a hundred years. Sara Harrison Shea lived with her family in a remote farmhouse in Vermont where she was murdered in 1908. When Ruthie’s mother goes missing in present day Ruthie comes across Sara’s diaries in the floorboards and her mother’s absence becomes more sinister. Ruthie’s strange dreams and sightings of something not quite human in the woods up the ante.

I am a sucker for a ghost story. I was good and scared all through the middle of the novel. The beginning is slow to start with just Sara’s diary to introduce the tale. Stay with it until present day, it picks up from there. The scare loses its power toward the end and Katherine is a lovely, but unnecessary, character. It is a well written, fun read. Recommended for a tingling thrill.

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