Two Days Gone: Review

Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis

My Rating: 3/5

Thomas Huston is a successful novelist, loving husband and father, and beloved teacher. When his family is brutally murdered and he disappears Detective Ryan DeMarco, a friend of his, follows the notes Huston wrote for his new novel to figure out who Huston had been interacting with and who might have committed such a heinous crime.

I found the first few hundred pages very slow and drifted in and out of reading the novel over the course of a week. The author likes to flex his literary knowledge through his characters. A reference or two would have been adequate but I found the long descriptions of “Lolita” unnecessary. I can’t argue that it is misplaced or not true to the characters as the protagonist is an author himself but it did slow the story down. The last hundred fifty pages are excellent and full of suspense with a cleverly deduced finale. I would read another Ryan DeMarco mystery.

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