Final Girls: Review


Final Girls by Riley Sager

My Rating: 4.5/5
Release Date: 11 July 2017

Quincy Carpenter is the sole survivor of the Pine Cottage massacre her sophomore year of college. Now a young woman, living in New York with her hotshot lawyer boyfriend while running a baking blog, she attempts to live a life of normalcy under the press radar. She is one of three women dubbed a “Final Girl,” a derogatory term taken from campy horror cinema when, at the end of the gruesome bloodshed, one final girl remains. When Quincy hears that a fellow Final Girl, Lisa, has committed suicide her world view falters and, with a surprise visit
from the other remaining Final Girl,
Samantha, her life flips upside down. Sam brings havoc and is decidedly not telling the whole truth. Sam has a lot of questions about Pine Cottage. If only Quincy could remember what happened that night.

This thriller was a home run. Fun and frustrating characters, a seductively dark premise, seat-edge passages, and all the twists the readers’ heart desires. This is the most exciting, highly
cinematic thriller I’ve read in some time. My only concern is (and I cannot believe I’m saying this) that I found the male characters flat and annoying. I’ll happily trade that issue for ever more one-dimensional female characters but believe either Jeff or Him or Coop could have had some complexity. Highly recommend–take this on vacation!

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