The Amber Shadows: Review


The Amber Shadows by Lucy Ribchester

My Rating: 2/5
(American) Release Date: 8 August 2017 (this book was previously released in the UK)

WWII is in full swing and Honey Deschamp works as a typist in Bletchley Park. Once the code is broken for the day she is responsible for decrypting as many Nazi messages as possible before shift’s end. Life is tense in the Park with the country’s top secrets floating between huts and Honey is never sure who to trust. When mysterious packages containing amber begin showing up with an even more mysterious messenger she needs to figure out who is sending them to her and why.
This begins as a meandering read. As the prose bounces confusingly between every thought that Honey has I felt myself fighting to remain engaged in what should have been a quick mystery. The setting is exciting, Bletchley Park at the height of Nazi code breaking. The plot, moving in fits and bursts, was strangely difficult to follow. The pace of the novel is all over the place. While I felt immersed in the setting (well-researched) I had little interest in the characters or the plot. They seemed forced upon the circumstances. A little over halfway through the novel picks up briefly with a vengeance and then drops out again for a disappointing finale.

~Thanks to netgalley and Pegasus Publishing for the ARC~

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