The Driver: Review


The Driver by Hart Hanson

Release Date: 8 August 2017
My Rating: 4/5

Michael Skellig, ex-army, runs his Los Angeles limo company with a small contingent of fellow veterans: Lucky, his wise Afghan interpreter, Tinkertoy, his Amazonian mechanic, and Ripple, his smart-mouthed, amputee dispatcher. While waiting for his client, a YouTube-famous skateboarding rapper, the voice of one of the men he’s killed whispers that something isn’t right. Skellig barges onto the scene just in time to save his client and to involve himself and his crew in a world of trouble involving deceit, millions, corrupt law enforcement, and all the action sequences your heart could desire.

Fans of Carl Hiassen will absolutely love this crime fiction debut from Hart Hanson. The novel is terrifically sharp. I grinned through much of the book with a good number of involuntary guffaws sprinkled in. The story is filled with a wild cast of characters and circumstances. Skellig’s narrative is wonderfully fun in the face of some pretty dire situations. A quick and pleasurable read. Recommended for a reader looking for a good time and a must-read for Hiassen fans.

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