The Marriage Pact: Review

THE MARRIAGE PACT by Michelle Richmond

Release Date: 25 July 2017
My Rating: 3/5

As their wedding date approaches, Jake and Alice receive an invitation to join a mysterious organization: The Pact. The Pact assures that your marriage will succeed and comes with an international membership roster that includes some of the most high-powered and interesting folk in the world. But everything is not as it seems. The Pact requires full commitment and unquestioning loyalty. Once you sign up you agree to behave by their rules. Break one at your own peril.

This was a fun read but was predicated on an entirely unbelievable premise. I have the highest tolerance for crazy twists, unrealistic behavior, and settings that require suspension of belief. I do love mystery/thrillers, after all. Unfortunately, I found myself unable to fully engage with the novel, believing the Pact too improbable. There are plenty of mind-bogglingly strange cults/clubs/spiritual centers out there. The trouble I had was with the transparency of the Pact’s inner workings. An organization that is founded on secrecy and fear tactics reveals those secrets all too quickly in this tale. Without the veil of mystery the exposed Pact does not stand up to interrogation.

I found Jake, who narrates, relatable and pleasant. His relationship with his wife is lovely–it was nice to read a thriller in which the couple truly cares for one another. It is an exciting read, a good fluffy vacation piece, but enter expecting to accept the Pact as is.


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