My Best Friend’s Exorcism: Review

My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

Release Date: 17 May 2016 (paperback released 11 July 2017)
My Rating: 5/5

One lazy weekend their sophomore year, best friends Gretchen and Abby lounge by a summerhouse with the other two members of their girl gang, Margaret and Glee. Listening to music, drinking Busch and smoking menthols, (studying), and entertaining each other, they are the group of tight friends everyone had (or wishes they’d had) in high school. When one of the gals pulls out four tabs of LSD they all give it a go with some trepidation. Hours later it doesn’t appear to be working until a skinny dipping attempt goes horribly wrong. Gretchen isn’t found until the next morning and the whole night is a blurry mess of potential hallucinations. When she returns, Gretchen is not quite the same. As her tale progresses Gretchen goes through various stages of dramatic change until she is unrecognizable: manipulative, with a touch of the Satanic. It is up to Abby to save her from her demons.

This is a fabulous book for those who love 80’s horror and teen drama. I am crazy about it. Abby is the most fabulous protagonist a reader could ask for. Funny, sympathetic, emotional, and honest, she hooks the reader into her trials and tribulations. The majority of this tale has nothing to do with exorcism and reads like an adolescent dramedy. The last chunk of chapters are a full-fledged thrill sequence. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone who is looking for a retro tale that is expertly written and utterly engaging.


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