Gork, The Teenage Dragon: Review


Release Date: 11 July 2017
My Rating: 1.5/5

Gork the Terrible, a senior dragon at WarWings academy, has a black heart too big and a WillToPower too small to hook a mate before EggHarvest. It’s a tech-filled universe where dragons fly their spaceships to other planets and robodragons have recently developed such a high level of artificial intelligence that they’ve called into question their sub-being classification. Meanwhile, Gork is just trying to attract a mate, avoid being ripped apart by the jock bullies, and impress his grandfather, Dr. Terrible.

Without a doubt one of the silliest books I’ve ever read. In defense of this novel, it was exactly as advertised and I have no idea why I expected anything else. However absurd the premise, for which I am trying not to judge the book, it was also unsupported by any significant character development. The author is too clever and too cute with his world to give the characters any sort of substantiality. It may have made for a good, humorous short story, or a late-night animated television show. While it was an easy book to read I found it unfulfilling. I confess to being rubbed the wrong way by the misogynistic manner in which male dragons both view and attempt to woo female dragons. I am afraid I would not recommend it. It elicits a few laughs. Again, clever writer. Simply not my cup of tea.

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